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Weekend in Review

We don't really get too many relaxing weekends but when we do I soak up every minute of it. Saturday Kaden had a little league game but thats all we had to do that day. I have to brag on him here for a little bit. We were down by two and Kaden was up to bat. We had one kid on first and that ball flew at Kaden and smoked it right down the third base line and got a home run!!! That bumped us up to two runs. We ended up winning the game 5-2 and I might be being a little biased but after Kaden hit that homer and got his team all amped up and excited they all started hitting and getting runs. He seriously amazes me every time he steps out on that field. The only negative thing about baseball……..trying to keep the pants clean haha.

After the game on Saturday we went to the gym and then back home to relax before we had family get in town around 8:30ish that night.

Sunday was a nice relaxing pool day. Our goal is to have a pool at our house within the next few years but as of right now we had to go to a public pool. We headed to Punta Gorda because every pool around us was closed either because it was Sunday (which is weird, why close the pool on the weekend) or because it was getting repaired. The Yacht Club which is where we usually go is being resurfaced right now so that pool is closed for about three months. Luckily most of our friends have pools so when we hang out with them the kids can just swim at their house. We had only been to the Punta Gorda pool a couple of times before and they had put a new kids area in which was pretty neat. Surprisingly Bryleigh and my little cousin spent most of their time in there. It was a cool little area but it only had one little slide so I figured they would get bored but nope they loved it!

Now back to the work week. Happy Monday

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